Selling Unincorported Utility System Assets

​The Village of Glenview, IL has historically provided sewer and water service to the unincorporated North Maine Township, located south of the village limits.  Providing these utility services to the unincorporated area caused a conflict with the village’s overall mission to provide the best service to the residents of Glenview, as managing this system took away from staff’s ability to directly service village residents.    A solution to this conflict appeared when an opportunity to sell these utilities to a larger local utility network was offered. The village Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department was asked to assist with the transition and eventual sale of the utilities and easements in the North Maine area through the production of both map products and utility statistics for the area in question.

By working together with the Community Development and Public Work departments, the GIS department was able take current land use data (such as residential zoned, commercial zoned, recreation zoned, etc.) and determine the utility easements that pass through a given land use classification.  By determining the area taken up by the easements, the village appraiser was able to determine a fair price for the sale of these utilities based on the land use classification and land value.

Without the aid of GIS in a study such as this, intensive work on the ground involving multiple staff members would be needed to gain the same information that GIS was able to accomplish in a relatively short time. This investment of manpower and time was easily averted by leveraging the village’s existing GIS services, leading to a significant cost and times savings.