Sewer Lining Televised Video Integration


Throughout the year, the Village of Elk Grove Public Works Department
contracts out areas of the Sanitary Pipe network piping to be
televised. This practice is extremely important to identify tree roots
clogging up the pipes, as well as other problems and issues that come
with aging pipes. This method is the only way for the Sewer Foreman to
identify and locate problem areas that need replacement or maintenance.

Once the sewer televising contractor finishes up televising a section
of pipe, the recorded videos are then given to the Public Works
Department for their own review along with any notes of pipes with
problems or that require maintenance. Using a server created by IT, we
are able to load the videos onto the server where they are categorized
by the street name of that section of pipe. Next, the GIS system is
used to hyperlink the video links on the server to a feature class
called Sewer Televising. The user is then able to click on a segment of
pipe as an overlay in the MapOffice Advanced website, and open up the
video in Windows Media Player via a web browser. This overlay saves the
Sewer Foreman a great deal of time, instead of having to search through
the directory for the correct pipe video.