Sign Inventory Collection


The Village of Wheeling is currently in the process of collecting
data for a village wide sign inventory. Village workers are going out
in the field and marking the location of each sign and sign post along
village owned streets. The signs are then catalogued in a database with
any accompanying information and attributes. Eventually, the Village
will have a complete inventory that will then be accessible via
MapOffice™ Advanced, its online mapping software. This will allow
Public Works and Engineering employees to see the locations of signs in
the field and use that information for any current project. The GIS
Department was asked to help get the inventory collection off the

The GIS Department provided the Public Works Department with a series
of field maps broken down by each subdivision. Public Works employees
then went out into the field and used the maps to mark down the location
of each sign post and sign. These maps are detailed enough to allow
the field crews to place the exact location of each sign post within the
right-of-way along the streets. Each sign post then gets listed with a
number that corresponds with the sign type in a table provided by
Public Works. The sign posts and signs are then mapped out and
assigned an ID numbers that correspond allow the signs to be linked to a
post and to its attributes in an Excel table. Eventually the sign data
will be loaded into MapOffice™ Advanced, and village employees will be
able to click on each sign post to find out what signs are located there
and the accompanying attribute information. Without GIS, The Village
of Wheeling would have a more difficult time collecting the sign
information and would not have an intuitive way of viewing the
information going forward.