Site Inspection Process Made Easier with GIS


The Village of Glencoe is in the process of re-inspecting roughly
five dozen private properties for compliance with regional storm water
drainage regulations. These properties were initially identified during
Village-wide testing associated with the Infiltration/Inflow Corrective
Action Program (ICAP). Approximately 85% of all homes in Glencoe were
found to be compliance with ICAP, and the remaining property owners were
notified of what changes were needed to reduce or eliminate storm water
infiltration into the sanitary sewer system. By re-inspecting these
sites, Public Works can confirm that the private sector is in compliance
with these regulations, which in turn leads to cost savings because the
Village is not unnecessarily treating the storm water that was formerly
leaking into the system.

Public Works decided to take a proactive role this spring by
re-inspecting these remaining locations for compliance. GIS assisted in
this process by creating individual comment sheets with maps of all 63
properties that inspectors could take notes on. When inspectors visit a
particular location, they are able to sketch their findings on a map of
the property and write down any relevant comments to pass back to the
Village engineer. By working with GIS, Public Works had custom
inspection forms ready to use in a few short hours, as opposed to using
significant staff time and resources to manually set everything up.