Skokie Backlot Bash Special Event Support

​​The Village of Skokie, IL hosts an annual event every year called "Skokie’s Back Lot Bash", which is a festival that combines live music, food, and other entertainment in its downtown area.  Since this is an important event for the village, Skokie wanted to provide a map on their village website that was interactive and provided more detailed information than a simple paper map.

Working together with the Skokie Park District, Skokie village staff provided the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department with pictures from the previous year, as well as menu options, time slots, and other pertinent information related to the event. With the map setup to link locations on a map with accompanying pictures, each picture was chosen to represent what an attendee would find at that event location.   In addition to the pictures, clickable links and other information were available to those viewing the map to allow them to find which music performers were playing when or what food was available at the food tents.

Skokie’s Back Lot Bash interactive map exceeded the standards of a simple paper map and provided a modern interactive environment for residents and visitors. The map powerful yet simple, easy to use, and informative. It could also be accessed on a mobile device, which helped contributed to the success of the event.