Skokie Incorporates Street Lights into it’s GIS


The Village of Skokie has begun the integration of streetlights into
the Geographic Information System (GIS). GIS is a technology that
relates geographic features with tabular data, allowing users to view
data from a central repository rather than disconnected databases. The
integration of street lights will be a key asset to the Village’s street
light and sign post maintenance. During the next few years, the
engineering department will be overseeing the installation of new
halogen light bulbs, replacing the old mercury vapor. Having the ability
the track installation dates will help maintenance crews and other
support staff in the field. This information will be shown in MapOffice™
Advanced in the community.

Another benefit of having the streetlights reside in the GIS is
having the owner of the specific pole or light at the click of a button.
For example, if a resident calls to inform the Village a street light
is out, Village employees will be able to find the owner, whether it is
ComEd or the Village, with ease. By searching in MapOffice™ Advanced for
this feature, the employee saves time from going to the paper as-built
and trying to find the specific light or pole.

Overall, there are two major reasons why having street lights in the
GIS will help the Village be more efficient. Tracking bulb installation
and looking up ownership will save time from the old business processes.
The Village is always looking for new ways to be more efficient and the
GIS has been an important part of this process.