Special Event Using GIS: Firecracker 5K Run & 2-Mile Walk


The City of Highland Park hosts many special events throughout the
year, especially in the summer months and holiday weekends. These types
of events require much planning and developing when roads are to be
closed and redirecting traffic is needed. These events require many
departments coordination, such as, Public Works and Police. To assist in
this coordination, GIS creates maps to assist with the set up and
direction of routing.

For the Firecracker 5K Run & 2-Mile Walk, routing was completed
to show the paths of each run or walk. This will be handed out to the
volunteers directing the route and the runners/walkers to get a better
idea of the direction they will be going. Also, police are given these
maps to better understand where to block off roads and monitor the large
group of people. GIS has assisted these special events with becoming
more efficient in the preparation of these large events.