Spray location planning

​Through the years, technology has played an important role in the way
we conduct business by increasing productivity, saving time and in the
end saving money. Public Works has recently discussed an idea to
incorporate Geographic Information System (GIS) as a tool to aide
contractors who provide service to turf areas within the village. The
reasoning behind this project is evident; every year a Public Works
employee has to take approximately three days to show the contractor all
areas in town that are required to be sprayed. In order to alleviate
the task of driving through the Village to monitor these spraying
assignments a map was created to depict all designated locations to be
sprayed, thus eliminating the time necessary to escort the contractor
from spray site to spray site.

For this project the first order of business was to locate all spray
areas. Using aerial photography as a base and other GIS layers,
including sidewalks, roads, parking lots and buildings, the GIS was able
to create spray areas very accurately. From here, initial areas were
created by referencing addresses and further revised in subsequent
meetings with employees having institutional knowledge. After the area
boundaries had been finalized, each area was designated a classification
based on when it would be sprayed. This allowed for each
classification to be represented by a different symbol when the map was
produced, permitting the viewer to easily depict which areas need to be
sprayed at certain times.

The high accuracy of data created the opportunity to generate
estimates based on square footage for each area. With this data, the
ability to check the contractor’s estimate in depth is now available.
Having this product available to assist in the location of spray areas
alleviates the necessity to escort the contractor and depicts how GIS
was able to work with the Public Works Department to make a project more