Storm Sewer GPS Field Data Collection


For the past few years, the Village of Wheeling has been in the
process of updating their village utility systems and maps. The Village
has taken a proactive approach to making sure that there is a complete
and updated inventory and map system of all three utility systems:
Water, Sanitary, and Storm Sewer. The water and sanitary systems were
the first to be completed. With those out of the way, the Village then
moved on to updating the storm sewer system.

The Public Works Department has come up with a process that
ensures that they get the most accurate utility locations possible with
the equipment they have. First, the department sets up GPS control
points for whatever neighborhood they are working in. Second, the
department makes sure it captures GPS data when the weather is clear and
the most satellites are available, when using handheld GPS data
collection devices. These steps ensure that the point locations will be
as accurate as possible. After obtaining the point locations, the
Engineering Department receives the data from Public Works and begins
putting together the utility line work in AutoCAD using a combination of
as-builts, engineering diagrams, and aerial imagery. After the line
work is completed in CAD, the information is passed along to the GIS
department who then updates all the location and attribute information
using the information provided by the other departments. The data is
then added to the village’s in house mapping program, MapOffice™
Advanced, which allows village staff to view the most up-to-date utility
information on their computers and print out sections of the utility
system to bring out into the field.

By using GIS with a combination of other programs, such as
AutoCAD and GPS, the Village of Wheeling can easily and accurately
update its utility system records, therefore giving its staff the most
up-to-date information to work with.