Story Map Helps Celebrate Earth and Arbor Day

Every year the Village of Northbrook holds an Earth and Arbor Day Celebration open to the public to raise awareness about sustainability and conservation efforts.  The festivities include a recycling drop off area, vendor expo featuring over 50 different vendors showcasing sustainable products and ideas, the chance to volunteer to clean up community areas, and fun activities for the whole family such as live music and pony rides.  To help advertise and inform residents of all the different events and opportunities offered the Village of Northbrook asked GIS to make an Online Story Map. 


A story map was ideal for this because it is customizable, eye catching, and user friendly.  In the case of the Earth and Arbor Day Celebration, tabs for each activity complimented the map window to show the details and locations of the different events.  Bookmarks were also used to allow users to easily zoom to the different clean up areas that were located further from the main festivities.  Another reason the story map was a great solution for Northbrook was that it allowed the event organizers to continuously update the web map to reflect vendor additions and changes as they occurred, and the view tracking feature made it easy to monitor the map usage leading up to the event.  Overall the map helped to promote the event and gave Village residents the ability to dynamically explore everything the celebration had to offer in advance so they did not miss out on any of the fun.