Street Condition and Repair History Map

​The Village of Mundelein, IL plans annual street improvements as part of the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for the village.   Part of this planning process is identifying what level of work certain streets need, from a full surface grind to reconstruction or upgrading.  In the past, this process was done using an Excel table of potential road projects and referencing those projects on an outdated map showing generic street improvements.  To help generate a more effective project planning tool, the Director of Public Works requested that the village Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department create a map showing the last type of maintenance performed on a specific road so the department could determine the most appropriate type of work to perform on the road in future years.

When planning CIP project work, it is important to know maintenance history information about a road, such as was it recently reconstructed or just repaved.  A road that was reconstructed in the last 30 years may only need to be repaved, whereas a road that has repeatedly been resurfaced might need to be reconstructed. To assist with identifying this maintenance history, the GIS department grouped the known construction projects, provided by the Public Works department, by years, such as before 1980, the 1990s, and so on.   The construction was also grouped into three categories which are, 1) Original Construction, which are roads that have never been reconditioned 2) Reconstruction, which are roads that have been rebuilt or improved and 3) Resurfacing, which are roads that were surfaced ground and replaced.  Once this information was grouped accordingly, a map product showing road work history was created and provided to the Public Works Department for use.

By creating a map showing how a street was repaired, and the age of that repair, the GIS Office created a quick reference guide for reviewing the village’s CIP project history.  Now, when the village is planning which roads should be included in the Capital Improvement Plan for the current year, they have an easy-to-use, visual tool to see what type of action is most appropriate for that road.