Street Light Inventory in GIS


The Village of Wheeling Public Works Department is currently in the
process of doing a full inventory of all the street lights in the
village. This entails locating all the street light poles, assigning
each light and pole a unique ID number, and then detailing all the
specific information about each light such as the bulb type, bulb
wattage, pole material, etc… Eventually, this information will be added
into the MapOffice™ Advanced (the village’s in-house interactive map
program), so that the Public Works Department can view all the street
lights on a computer and then link to work orders reports in the village

A series of maps were created and printed out so that the field crews
could travel through the village and record IDs and any other relevant
information for each street light. The IDs would be then referenced in a
table so that the attribute information for each light could be linked
to the appropriate street light location. The data will then be brought
back to the Public Works building and added to the village’s databases
so that it can be viewed in MapOffice™ Advanced. Eventually, all work
orders for street lights will be linked to the lights on the map (via
the unique ID) so that the public works crew can view the entire history
for each light just by clicking on it. By collecting all the data and
then implementing it into MapOffice™ Advanced, the Public Works
Department will easily be able to view all the street light information
in one centralized location.