Street Pavement Ratings


In 2011, The Village of Wheeling hired MDS Technologies to drive
around the village and collect data related to the village streets and
sidewalks. Pictures were taken of each village street using a special
vehicle and each street was assigned a Pavement Condition Index (PCI)
Number. The numbers range from 1, which is the lowest and correlates to
the street needing a lot of work, to 100 which is the highest and means
that the street is in perfect condition. The village received a report
giving a PCI rating to each street, or section of street that they
owned. Although the ratings are helpful to see what individual streets
are in most need of resurfacing, the engineering department wanted to
see which neighborhoods needed the most work.

Using village subdivisions, the streets were clipped and then
combined into different groups based off the subdivision boundaries.
Instead of just taking the average of all the PCI ratings in each
subdivision, the engineering department wanted to get a weighted average
based off the area of pavement for each street within the subdivision.
This would give the department a better idea of which subdivisions
would have the most pavement to resurface as opposed to one small street
with a very low PCI rating bringing the average down. By using GIS,
the Village of Wheeling was able to compile a lot of data from an
outside source and turn it into a way of determining which subdivisions
in the village need the most street resurfacing.