Street Rating Inventory Management


One of the major responsibilities of any local government’s
engineering department is to maintain and upkeep the locally owned
streets. The Village of Skokie’s Engineering Department recently called
upon its Geographic Information System (GIS) to assist in managing its
street ratings for all Village-owned streets. Village engineers
canvassed the area and assigned a 1 – 100 rating to each street segment
throughout the Village.

Using GIS, the engineers are not only able to track the location of a
rated street but any associated information about that street as well.
For example, the street pavement type, last year it was resurfaced,
previous years’ ratings, etc. are all pertinent information that is
powerful and can assist in decision making. Moving forward there will be
a historical context to the ratings that will allow Village engineers
to see which streets have degraded and how to better predict which
streets will need work done for a given year.

Without GIS Village engineers would have a hard time managing ratings
not only for all the streets but throughout time. Any supplemental
information about that particular street segment (i.e. pavement type)
would be stored elsewhere decreasing efficiency and creating information
silos. GIS ties everything together so all pertinent information is at
the user’s fingertips.