Street Sign Inventory Field Collection


As part of the MUTCD Sign Retroreflectivity program, communities are required to keep an inventory of their existing street signs which they will then use to create a maintenance program for sign retroflectivity.  The City of Des Plaines has a sign inventory that they have created in the past, but they wanted to make sure their inventory was up-to-date.  They determined that they wanted to send employees out in the field to confirm existing sign locations and collect any additional signs or information.

The City of Des Plaines decided to use the ArcGIS Online Collector Application to capture missing sign locations and information.  The Collector Application is a program that can be downloaded to most mobile devices that allows the user to capture GIS field data, such as point locations and attribute information, and then sync the data back with the main database.  The City of Des Plaines is using an Apple iPad with offline editing, meaning that all the changes are stored on the device and then when an online collection is established back in the office, the changes are then synched.  The Collector Application is set up so that the user only has to place sign or post locations and then choose from drop down menus for any of the sign attributes.  This allows the user to quickly place locations and add in the necessary information, without wasting any time.  By using the Collector App and GIS, the City of Des Plaines is quickly revising their Sign Inventory in conjunction with the MUTCD Sign Retroreflectivity Program.