Summer hydrant flushing


Ensuring that all the hydrants in a community are in a proper working
condition is vital for the safety of residents within a community. The
city ensures hydrants are working properly by flushing them every
summer. Previously, the city contracted ME Simpson Co. to flush hydrants
each summer. This year they decided to have the Fire Department perform
the flushing of hydrants.

The Fire Department understood the technical aspects of flushing
hydrants but they also understood the need for developing an organized
process for tracking which hydrant flushing. Furthermore, the hydrant
features within the GIS have valuable information from previous hydrant
flushing programs. It was important that this information was also
updated. The Fire Department met with the GIS and requested three
products to assist them with implementing the hydrant flushing program.
The first product was an Excel sheet listing the number of hydrants per
Fire Grid District. The Excel sheet was used to assign hydrants to three
teams, one from each station, who would be assigned specific fire
grids. Knowing the number of hydrants per Fire District Grid ensured
that each team was assigned approximately the same number of hydrants to

The second and third products are used together to tracking flow rate
and pressure information for each hydrant. The hydrant information will
be updated in an Excel sheet of hydrants, which were extracted from the
GIS. There will also be a map showing the hydrants with a unique Id and
address, so that correct hydrant is identified and updated in the Excel
sheet. By using GIS the Fire Department leverage resource to help them
efficiently manage the summer hydrant flushing program. Thus the
community will be protected in two ways. They can be confident that all
the hydrants in the community are in proper working order and the Fire
Department can access the updated hydrant information in the GIS to
understand how well the existing hydrants work.