Supporting commuter rail using GIS


Riversidelinois has the benefit of being centered on a commuter train
stop that serves areas west of the city of Chicago. Accompanied by
dense development in the city center, a high demand for parking
facilities is present. The village has chosen to utilize it’s Geographic
Information Stystem (GIS) to inventory and evaluate its parking

The location of the parking lots have been created in the GIS as well
as the parking spaces within those lots. From that information a simple
parking lot map was producted showing where all of the lots are.
Statistics can then be generated, taking things a step further, by
tallying the quantity of spaces in each lot and within all lots
combined. The next piece to the parking evaluation will be to integrate
permit types, parking restrictions, and fees to this model to obtain a
thourough assessment for spaces not only at the lots, but for on-street
metered spaces as well. And this will be covered in a bulletin at a
later date.