Supporting Economic Growth with GIS

 The Department of Economic Development requested resources they could hand out to potential clients in a recruitment effort to bring new businesses to Lincolnshire.  The end product would be a simple document that could call out areas of Lincolnshire that would benefit from economic growth.  The GIS Department created a document that showcased development sites, available for purchase, overlayed with aerial imagery that accurately represents the landscape.  This allowed potential candidates to see right off the bat if the available space was suitable for development or if the terrain fit their needs.  The map document also called out traffic counts for neighboring roads and business logos for clients that have already set up shop in Lincolnshire.  This allows potential businesses to evaluate if competitors are in the area and if their services fit the local economy and area.


With GIS, Lincolnshire is able to create effective resources that will give them a leg up over competing municipalities who are also looking to attracted new business.