Supporting the Quest for the Perfect Parking Space


For a small-town central business district, there are few things more
important than encouraging pedestrian traffic along the store fronts. A
proven method for doing this in downtown areas is to have ample
on-street parking available, which encourages shoppers to park near
their favorite store and then enjoy strolling along in front of the
shops. Recognizing this, the Village Manager’s office recently used its
GIS data to inventory and create maps of its parking spaces. These maps,
now available on the Village’s website, give visitors a quick way to
find parking that best meets their needs.

Thanks to a previous GIS base mapping project, Glencoe already had a
visual inventory of the available spaces all over town. This data was
quickly documented in a map book, and the manager’s office intern took
these pages into the field to mark up parking restrictions in each area.
When the field-collected data was entered into GIS, it was easy to
create color-coded maps that clearly indicated the differences between
short- and long-term parking. Plus, with the data in GIS, it was easy to
create custom maps that appealed to different audiences, ranging from
commuters to local business customers. To see the finished products,
please visit the Village of Glencoe’s website at