Surveying street signs the cost effective way


It is apparent that technology is getting better as new ways of using
it are also on the rise. Within Geographic Information System (GIS),
technology also continues to advance and allow for data to be edited in
many different environments. One enhancement of technology that GIS has
encountered is the ability to make a copy of a database, release it to a
field crew for disconnected editing and then bring those field edits
back into the original database. In GIS it is considered a “checkout
database” and it is something that the Village of Morton Grove is taking
full advantage of for their Street Sign Inventory.

The village has a GIS Specialist on site only three times every two
weeks making consistent editing a tough task. But with the use of a
disconnected editing environment the GIS Specialist can now turn the
project over to the community staff and train them how to edit the sign
model personally. This will not only make the project more efficient, it
will also give the sign shop employees a chance to manage the signs as
they are changed out on a daily basis, thus enhancing the integrity of
the data. Once a week when the GIS Specialist comes on site, they can
review the data, load it back into the original database and then give
the sign shop a new database to edit for the following week.

With this work flow in place, it is not too hard to imagine the
amount of time and money that will be saved by using the latest
improvements in technology. Time and money that would have normally be
spent using the old fashioned editing methods.