Tax Exempt Property Analysis


The Village of Mundelein, IL needed a more efficient way of
identifying Tax Exempt properties, with the ultimate goal being too
quickly view and query all the tax exempt properties in a given area.
They also wanted to see all tax exempt properties classified into
categories such as public, private, and worship. Knowing the location
of these properties is vital for the Village when developing Tax
Increment Finance (TIF) Districts or Special Service Areas (SSA).

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Office used Lake County Tax
Assessor data to locate tax exempt properties and classify them into
categories. The first product created was a paper map of tax exempt
properties used for review. The second product was a custom map layer
created for display in the village’s interactive mapping application,
MapOffice™. This custom layer increased the functionality of the data,
as a user can type in an address in the application and see all the tax
exempt properties in the area around that address.

By having the GIS Office develop a tax exempt property layer in the
village’s GIS applications, the Village of Mundelein is saving employee
time. Employees no longer have to query an area, property by property,
or call the Township office for more information on a property. They
can turn on the custom layer in the MapOffice™ application and
immediately see the location of all the tax exempt properties in the
village limits and use the property classification information to
determine which organization that property belongs to.​