The City of Highland Park Creates Home School Boundary Definitions


The City of Highland Park home school boundary definitions are now at
their fingertips! Traditionally, whenever there was a question from a
resident about which school there child will attend; an employee would
need to search through multiple school webpage’s for the answer. This
would be a time consuming task for an employee. This process has now
been drastically improved using GIS.

Attaining each school boundary definition was completed through using
multiple PDF maps posted on each school’s webpage and transferring them
into GIS. This was completed for Middle School and Elementary School
boundaries for Highland Park. Once these boundaries were defined it was
loaded into MapOffice™ Advanced for Highland Park staff use. Now
employees had a tool where they could turn on and easily identify where
each school’s boundary is defined.

Without access to GIS software, Highland Park staff would still be
searching multiple school webpage’s to find school boundaries. Through
using GIS software, it has drastically cut the time in searching by
created one easy to use source for locating home school boundary