The City of Highland Park Improves Access to Benchmark Locations


Traditionally the City maintained benchmark locations in binder
containing individual sheets of benchmark locations. Whenever there was
a question about the location of a benchmark, an Engineer would search
through the binder. The process was slightly improved when the sheets
were scanned as PDFs and saved to a directory. It was quicker to search
for images in the directory but it was still a manual process to locate
a specific image.

The GIS Office suggested that the benchmark locations be converted to
a point a file that hyperlinked to the PDF files. The GIS office used
the coordinates from the PDFs to create a location for each benchmark.
The benchmark points contained a field that links to the correlated PDF.
Once the benchmark layer was created, it was added to MapOffice™
Advanced as custom overly. Now the Engineers had a tool where they
could type in an address and easily locate the nearest benchmark.

The benchmark overlay was well received by the Engineering Division
and they requested that it also be added to the Public Map Office site.
This will allow people who need to locate a benchmark to find it
themselves without contacting the City. The benchmark layer made The
City’s employees workflows more efficient for the City Engineers. Once
the benchmarks are on the Public MapOffice it will also make it easier
for residents and other users to quickly locate a benchmark.