The City of Highland Park Now Tracks Road Jurisdiction through GIS


The City of Highland Park now tracks Road Jurisdictions with the use
of GIS! Originally, this data was only visible to staff through a paper
map that was printed and delivered to each department. If a resident
would call into the Highland Park office asking who maintains there
road, they would need to pull out a large paper map with a street index
and manually look through the street list to find its jurisdiction. They
may have also needed to contact an Engineer for further information.
These road maps could also be lost or damaged from use. This process was
time intensive and left the resident waiting on a response. With the
use of GIS, this process has been drastically improved. No longer does
the staff of Highland Park staff need to rely on a large paper map!

Through MapOffice™ Advanced, all Highland Park staff can access the
“Road Jurisdiction” layer and visually see who maintains each road. This
data was accessed through GIS and brought into MapOffice™ Advanced for
Highland Park staff use. Now there is a new custom layer within the
“Layers” drop down called “Road Jurisdiction” that when turned on will
show the jurisdictions by color code. Red is Highland Park, Purple is
Cook County, Green is IDOT and Blue is Private. When a road is clicked
on a pop-up window will appear with information pertaining to that road.
It is now easy and clear to see who maintains each road.

With GIS, Highland Park staff is able to dramatically cut down the
time it would have taken to locate this information on a paper map. With
this new change, the residents are benefit from finding out the
information faster and with much ease. Finding a Road Jurisdiction is
now just a click away for Highland Park!