The City of Highland Park Uses GIS to Assist the CIP Budget Meetings


The City of Highland Park, IL has a five-year Capital Improvement
Program (CIP) that is updated annually and brought in as part of the
budget process. The main goal of a CIP is to replace or rehabilitate
existing equipments, infrastructure and facilities. This would include
items such as streets, bridges, sidewalks and paths, storm sewers,
sanitary sewers, ravines and water utilities. For the upcoming 2014
budget meetings, the Geographic Information System (GIS) Department was
asked to assist with displaying the information through maps. This gave
visual meaning behind all the charts, graphs and numbers that are in the
budget presentations.

The City of Highland Park wanted to display not only the 5-year
budget, but also the upcoming 2014 yearly budget. GIS created multiple
maps depicting the areas of improvements for street maintenance,
sidewalks, bike walks, storm sewers, sanitary sewer, ravines and water
utilities. Also, a map was created to show all projects in the 2014
year. These maps were then used in a PowerPoint presentation along with
chart, graphs, numbers and other information to depict the improvement

With GIS, these presentations became more powerful from the visual
aspect and gave meaning behind all the information, making it more
concise. By utilizing GIS, The City of Highland Park has been able to
bring this technology into many different areas and departments and even
into budget meetings.