The City of Highland Park Uses GIS to Track Lined Manholes


The City of Highland Park now tracks the Lined Manholes along with
Lined Sanitary Sewer. Originally, the information on which manholes in
the city are lined was in a database with no visual display. Public
Works would need to manually check if a manhole was lined, which was
taking up valuable time and resources. This process has now been
drastically improved using GIS.

Now through MapOffice™ Advanced, Public Works can easily access the
“Lined Sanitary Sewer” layer and visually see what is lined. This data
was attained from a Public Works Access Database and brought into GIS by
matching the manhole Structure ID’s. Once these were matched up, data
such as Date Lined and Material became accessible in GIS. Once this
conversion was completed, it was loaded into MapOffice™ Advanced for
Highland Park staff use. Now there is a tool where they could turn in on
and click on a Lined Manhole and a window will pop up with information
pertaining to that manhole.

Without access to GIS software, Highland Park staff would still be
manually looking at each manhole to find if it is lined. Through using
GIS software, it has drastically cut work time by easily turning on one
layer in MapOffice™ Advanced for all the needed Lined Manhole