Tour de Des Plaines


Every year, the City of Des Plaines hosts a city-wide bike ride
called the Tour De Des Plaines. This event requires the involvement and
coordination of numerous city departments, including Public Works, the
Police Department, and the city’s Emergency Management Agency. To help
improve the coordination efforts, the GIS (Geographic Information
System) department develops several mapping products to allow the
departments to transfer event information more efficiently.

There are three maps that are traditionally developed for this bike
ride: one for the general public to highlight the bike route and water
stations along the ride, one for the Police commanders and Emergency
Management Agency personnel displaying the route, water stations, and
barricaded roadways, and one for the patrol officers displaying the road
barricade locations. Using these mapping products provides all those
participating in or organizing the Tour De Des Plaines with the same,
geographically-based template for the event, allowing for a more
efficient transfer of information and improved communication before and
during the ride.