Tracking capital improvements in MapOffice


The City of Highland Park has found a new more improved way of tracking
Capital Improvements. Historically, Capital Improvements were tracked by
the Public Works Engineering Department and were mapped out on a
request as needed basis. A static map would be sent to Engineering for
their viewing and distributed as desirable but now a virtual map with
additional mapping options can be viewed through MapOffice™!

The Capital Improvements are spatially viewable through a Custom Overlay
and when the improvement is clicked on in the map, more information
appears in a pop-up box. Furthermore, a weblink is available to view
PDF’s of the project. This keeps all of the Capital Improvements
information stored in one easy to access location and with all the other
capabilities of MapOffice™ on hand. This tracking shows that GIS is
continuously enhancing and building upon itself. What was once a simple
mapping project has developed into an all in one information location
system. With just a click of the mouse, Highland Park staff is able to
access all of the Capital Improvements, view information on that project
and the PDF associated to it. MapOffice™ has become the go to location
for spatial information.