Tracking Cellphone Revenue Distribution


If a person investigates their phone bill close enough they will find
a surcharge that is allocated to 911 emergency services. This money is
distributed by the state government to local municipalities and
dispatch centers. It is used for updating old equipment as well
supplement operation costs of the 911 center. The method for
distributing funds is by address count, by zip code, within the
municipalities or dispatch center service area. Until the implementation
of the GIS this was a very arduous process in Tinley Park. Before GIS,
coming up with a final number was a tough task, sometimes taking a week
or more. The Village of Tinley Park is split by two zip codes as well
as two counties and incorporated and unincorporated areas. This
sectioning of the village made it difficult to get an accurate count of
addresses within these different place classifications in the village.
It is important to allocate the addresses properly among these different
classifications because it will determine where funds will be

Once GIS was implemented this became a simpler much more strait
forward process than before. Using geo-location and spatial selections
and with the use of a map, the GIS specialist was easily able to select
the address points of for each place location and report back to the
village with precise counts of addresses within the two counties, zip
codes and incorporation status. This allowed for Tinley Park to receive
the correct dollar amount for use by its 911 dispatch center.