Tracking crime for the Police department


The Village of Oak Brook police department deals with crime and
burglary incidents on a daily basis. With the Oak Brook center mall and
extensive business district multiple incidents can occur in a short
period of time. Prior to the implementation of GIS, the police
department would manually enter each incident into a database by shift,
date, location and type of incident. In order to review the crimes for
the month, staff would have to sort through the database to determine
how many burglaries, residential theft, forgery, etc. occurred. In order
to visualize where the crimes occurred, staff would use push pins on a
village map.

Using GIS, incidents were able to be visually depicted on a map
through a process called geocoding. Geocoding allows addresses to be
brought into GIS and placed in the correct location. Once all crimes and
burglaries were brought into GIS, analysis was performed to highlight
areas of high crime/burglaries. Maps where then created based on crime
type (forgery, residential burglary, theft to motor vehicle, retail
theft) that highlighted high areas for that particular incident. Summary
statistics were then used to show how many incidents occurred per month
and beat for each incident type.

The maps allowed police personnel to determine trends in crime and
burglaries over the year and determine where additional police personnel
would be needed. The police currently update their maps on a quarterly
basis and look to do an analysis of crime by shift in the future.