Tracking easements in MapOffice


A recent objective in Elk Grove Village has been to map easement
information. Easements are a land management resource for many
departments as they depict areas where utilities may exist, areas that
have been dedicated for future infrastructure and where municipal
vehicles have access on private property.

Easements can also be granted for infrastructure improvements for
example or property owners may petition for a variance to an existing
easement on their property. An example of this would be a variance to
build a shed that would encroach, or overlap, a few feet into an
easement. Variances have become another mapping objective because of
these circumstances and will be covered in a later article.

The Village GIS (Geographic Information System) makes available an
interactive mapping program called MapOffice™. This provides the perfect
interface for village staff to visualize where these easements exist,
how large they are, and how they already are or could be used. The
tracking of easements and the Village owned infrastructure (assets) is
an important component to Governmental Accounting Standards Board