Tracking Fire Safety Compliance with GIS


The Village of Deerfield, IL Public Works and Engineering Department
maintains and/or has access to nineteen buildings in the community and
surrounding area, with each building having certain requirements in
terms of fire protection devices onsite. These buildings are inspected
for these devices yearly by the Deerfield Bannockburn Fire Prevention
Bureau. The Public Works and Engineering Department has asked the
Geographic Information System (GIS) Department for assistance in
creating a quick and easy way to view each building on a map, along with
whether or not the building is in compliance with certain fire safety

By creating a custom overlay for display in the village’s
browser-based mapping application, MapOffice™ Advanced, the GIS
Department has provided community staff with a convenient way to keep
track of each building’s compliance status. This also allows for a
quick turnaround should a building’s compliance status need to be
updated. By clicking on each point representing a building, the user
can find out the name and contact information for each facility, along
with whether or not it has or is required to have a smoke detector, fire
alarm, fire suppression, fire extinguisher and CO monitor. As an
overlay in MapOffice™ Advanced, community staff can access all the
information they need with a few clicks of the mouse instead of sorting
through old records.