Tracking H1N1 vaccines in GIS


The year 2009 brought us the Novel Influenza A outbreak, commonly
known as H1N1 or the swine flu. The Village of Skokie’s Geographic
Information System (GIS) and Health Departments worked together to
analyze vaccine recipients locations in proximity to the Village.
Address and age information was gathered from every vaccine recipient
and with this data we were able to visualize the true magnitude of the
Village’s vaccination campaign. Due to the severity of the H1N1
influenza, the Village began an ambitious campaign to vaccinate all
people in the priority group (39,000) who reside or go to school in the
Village. During the last three months of 2009, they embarked on a
vaccination campaign targeting school aged children first and then
moving to other members of the priority group.

The Village’s Health Department is one of six state certified local
health departments in Cook County. Clinics were held in schools,
daycares, and mass vaccination clinics during weekends. Due to a
vaccination shortage, vaccines were given to anyone outside the
Village’s corporate limit ignoring jurisdictions during these mass
clinics. Since this became a regional map, density was used to
generalize areas of high concentration. In total, over 26,000 vaccines
were given by the Village’s Health Department. Without the use of GIS,
distance analysis could not have completed.