Tracking street light outages


When a street light is out in the Village of Norridge, staff members
at village hall will receive phone calls from residents detailing where
the outage is located. The office staff makes a note of the outage and
then contacts someone in public works to investigate the issue. In the
case of multiple people calling about the same outage, multiple notes
would be made due to an insufficient way of tracking which outages have
been reported. With the help of the GIS department, the village was able
to implement a map using MapOffice™ Advanced that village staff can
access that shows live data of the status of each street light outage.

By using the Business Intelligence feature of MapOffice™ Advanced,
the GIS department was able to link an Excel database of the street
light outages maintained by office staff with the map provided by the
program. The Street Light Outage map shows the location of every street
light outage reported and whether it has been investigated or not. The
office staff can sort the data by numerous fields including date and
work order status. By having up to the minute statuses of all the street
light outages, the office staff can inform residents that call in
whether a particular outage has been reported, eliminating the need to
create multiple reports for the same outage. By using GIS, the office
staff has removed a level of redundancy and allowed their office staff
to communicate more clearly with residents.