Training Village staff to use GIS

​The Village of Skokie has progressively added new users, taking
advantage of the Village’s Geographic Information System (GIS). While
adding users is key to the success of the GIS Program, new users have a
learning curve for the new applications and software whether it be
ArcView™ or MapOffice™ Advanced. Training and demonstrations can
alleviate many of the questions and issues users have with interacting
with the new technology.

Unlike GIS Professionals, the Village’s users do not necessarily use
the GIS applications every day. Without the constant use, the processes
can sometimes be forgotten and steps are by-passed. These problems can
be eliminated by more frequent training and updates. The Village is now
constructing a plan that will increase the training for ArcView users
which will in turn increase the information at their finger tips.
Likewise, demonstrations for MapOffice™ will occur more frequently,
allowing a broad group of users to interact with the application.

Training is essential to fully optimize and understand how the new
technology can help the users in their workflows. Understanding the
processes and steps will eliminate the time needed to navigate the
application and gather a final product.