Tree trimming planning


​Riverside, IL has earned the moniker “Village in the Forest” thanks to
its planned design along the Des Plaines River with curvilinear streets,
expansive parkways, and forested areas. The beautiful landscape that
is Riverside does require maintenance, specifically tree trimming, in
order to maintain tree integrity, appearance, and maximize safety. The
Village’s Forestry personnel are using their Geographic Information
System (GIS) to manage their tree inventory and plan trimming efforts.
Tracking annual maintenance and their corresponding priority areas gives
staff precise records of past activities. Mapping future efforts in
the GIS allows staff to modify their plans if funding varies and
continue to manage the areas in most need. Maps are generated and
distributed when the time comes for the maintenance service company to
do the work as well. This gives Village staff confidence there will be
no misunderstandings of what trimming is expected and where.