Updating GIS information with Sewer Televising Software

The Village of Mundelein, IL recently updated their sewer televising equipment to software called Granite XP.  This software is designed to integrate with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) so that updates can be transferred from Granite XP to the GIS database and vice versa.  This allows data to be simultaneously updated in the field and the office and then synchronized so both sets of changes can be integrated together.

Granite XP uses GIS information to track where a pipe is currently being televised as the camera moves along.   The camera operator logs the location of service laterals, cracks, roots and other types of events that are discovered in the pipe, using the pipe length and diameter information from GIS to determine where within the pipe these events occur.   The village GIS department can use the event information collected in the field using Granite XP, such as the location of service connections, to add missing information to the GIS data.  Conversely, the operators can use Granite XP to update existing GIS data based on their observations in the field.  For example, they can update pipe diameter, material or even add missing pipes and structure.

Granite XP is a great example of how an application can tie into GIS to enhance existing data and provide a more robust resource for making infrastructure decisions.  By accessing existing data in the field, an operator can quickly and accurately locate the project area that needs to be televised and update the project area utilities as needed without the need for printed maps or other supplemental resources.