Urban Speed Districts


​Effective July 1, 2013 Illinois law enforcement agencies were required
to identify tickets issues for speeding 25 MPH over the posted limit in
an “Urban District”. The Police Department contacted the GIS Office
about creating a layer that defined the Urban District within Mundelein.
There was concern that not all of The Village would be included within
the defined are of an Urban District. Since the new law requires
officers issuing citations to note if the violation occurred in an urban
area, it was important understand which parts of the village might be
outside of an urban area.
The Police Department asked the GIS
Office to define urban districts by using the statutory definition which
reads: (625 ILCS 5.0/1-214) is: The territory contiguous to and
including any street which is built up with structures devoted to
business, industry or dwelling house at intervals of 100 feet for a
distance of a quarter of a mile or more. Using this definition GIS
Office focused locating areas where the buildings were with 100 feet of
each other. These buildings were used to select properties and the
properties were merged into an urban district area. Then the area was
reviewed to remove anomalies created by parks or other open areas.
The final product showed all the areas of the Village that met the
definition of an urban area. The next step was creating a wall map so
that people could clearly see which areas of The Village where in or out
of an Urban District. By contacting the GIS Office the Police
Department received an accurate product that helps officers understand
which parts of Mundelein are outside of an Urban District.