Using ArcGIS Online to Promote Holiday Events

The Village of Tinley Park, IL offers a variety of holiday events in December, most of which are centered on an event called the Holiday Market.  The Holiday Market provides a range of different activities for families that include parades, movies, carriage rides, carousel rides, crafts, and ice-carving.  In order to better inform residents on where these events are located, the village has provided an interactive map on their website that provides event descriptions, dates and times for each event, as well as where they are located in downtown Tinley Park. 

The map leverages an application designed by a company called Esri that allows users to interactively move between a map and a text panel to better understand the spatial context of an event, article, or story.  These story maps can also be customized to incorporate specific designs or branding.  Tinley Park was interested in putting a spotlight on local businesses that had helped sponsor the Holiday Market, so this year’s Holiday Market story map was customized to include sponsor branding and inclusion in event descriptions.  This helps to improve the visibility of these local businesses and may also help the Village obtain sponsors for future events.