Using existing CAD data for cartographic mapping

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One of the disadvantages that may arise while creating an informative
map is the amount of time it can take to create new data where it does
not previously exist. But what if that data already existed in a format
that you could use? The advantage of using a Geographic Information
System (GIS) for mapping is the system’s versatility to handle the other
formats of data, which in the end can save the user a lot of time and

For the Village of Morton Grove, the ability to use a Computer Aided
Design (CAD) drawing within GIS meant that the village could take
existing data from the consultant and use it in-house to create the maps
that they desired for their Dempster Streetscape plans. Once the CAD
data was received by the village, it was then imported into GIS,
rectified to fit the correct geographical location and subsequently used
like any other data layer already in the map. This approach was much
more efficient because it turned the control over to the village as well
as removed the time that would be wasted calling the consultant every
time a small adjustment needed to be made to the map. In addition, the
end map product reflected a custom design that the village knew would be
relatable to their residents when they reviewed the map at the Dempster
Street Improvement open-house.

It is not always easy to obtain CAD data from a consultant, but if a
digital drawing is accessible it is well worth the time to request it,
use it and in the end, benefit from the time and money you save by not
creating data that could be considered redundant.