Using GIS for Car Dealership Location Analysis


Municipalities across the Unites States are attempting to make themselves business friendly in order to attract and keep businesses within their borders. The City of Des Plaines is no different.  Recently, there has been interest in opening a car dealership in Des Plaines.  Car Dealerships are different from other businesses, since they are franchised there are location regulations based on current dealership territories.  

The City Manager’s office requested a regional map of the Chicagoland area showing the location of specific dealerships and a seven mile radius around each of the locations.  This allowed them to know what manufacturers would be candidates for having a dealership in the City without infringing on any other territories.  

ESRI’s world geocoding service was utilized to place the points regionally.  The requested buffers were then created using tools within ArcGIS.  Separate regional maps were then made for each manufacturer highlighting the buffers and the City of Des Plaines, making them easy to read and decipher.  The maps were then used in a report related to possible available locations.  GIS allowed the City to confidently discuss and support the available economic opportunities here in Des Plaines.