Using GIS for Deerfield’s Cemetery


In 1858 the Deerfield Cemetery was opened on the northwest corner of
Waukegan Road and Central Avenue. The Cemetery has a lot of history,
with at least 15 Civil War soldiers buried there. The Village of
Deerfield has recently acquired this property and they have started to
look for ways to track burials.

The Village asked GIS to find a way that they could track the plots,
graves, and burials. Using MapOffice™ Advanced, GIS set up each grave
with a unique id so that it would be easy to link persons buried there
to each one. This grave also included birth and death dates, important
information about the person, and a link to a picture of the gravestone
on By adding this information on MapOffice™ Advanced,
the Village of Deerfield can interactively find the layout of each
grave, who is buried there, and if there are any vacant spaces.