Using GIS for Economic Development

​The Village of Lincolnwood uses their Geographic Information System
(GIS) to promote vacant businesses on their website, trying to lure new
tenants into the area. Providing this information, not only gives
developers an opportunity to see the statistics on the property, it
provides a map to visualize the area. Currently, this map also provides
traffic counts for major thorough-fares.

Automobile dealerships have become a staple in the Village over the
years. By analyzing dealerships outside of Lincolnwood, the Village can
ascertain the type of automaker not serviced in the area, and offer
incentives to bring these dealerships into Lincolnwood.

GIS provides a visual context in which to analyze the data by
plotting the dealerships on a map with the auto maker type. This project
is just the beginning for Lincolnwood who plans to leverage their GIS
to make more informed decisions.