Using GIS to Analyze Potential Sidewalk Locations


The Village of Oak Brook has recently sparked interest in developing
more sidewalks throughout the Village, specifically within subdivisions
controlled by home owners associations. The idea is to develop a shared
cost program in which the Village and the home owners association split
the costs of adding new sidewalks in subdivisions where they did not
previously exist. Before the proposal can even be brought to the home
owners association, the Village needed to create a rough design and
calculate approximate costs so that further discussions can be had. In
an effort to maximize cost and time efficiencies, Village engineers
requested that the GIS department create a map displaying the locations
of the proposed sidewalks, along with the approximate square yardage and
costs for the entire project.

Using already existing driveway, parkway, parcel, and road data, the
Village’s GIS specialist was able to design the layout of the proposed
sidewalks to scale. And by using various GIS tools, a calculation of
the total square yardage of concrete needed, as well as the total area
of driveway and turf repair or replacement was developed. Then by using
the current going rate of concrete, asphalt, sod and labor, the total
cost of the sidewalks were calculated for the entire subdivision. By
staying in-house and using the Village’s GIS, they were able to get this
project done quick and efficiently in comparison to hiring an outside
engineering consultant or drafting the design by hand. This was
especially important when considering the project and design are not
final and face the possibility of not being approved by the home owners