Using GIS to Assist with Home Sales Analysis

The Village of Oak Brook is currently directing an initiative for residential enhancements to help improve home values, fill vacancies, and attract new families to the Village.  In order to do so, they have created a committee seated by both Village employees and residents, as well as hiring a consultant to formulate and analyze a survey filled out by residents.  In addition to these two initiatives, the Village wanted to analyze sales over the past five years in an effort to discover trends pertaining to location, time, cost, and size of recent residential home and property sales.  This information, in combination with the survey and community input, is going to help steer the Village in the direction of improving its already renowned reputation as a leading community in DuPage County for families to reside in.

In order to perform the home sales analysis, a list of all home/property sales over the past five years was requested from the County Recorder’s office.  Once the list was acquired, Geographic Information System (GIS) staff was able to map out and match all home sales to the existing address data within the Village.  Once everything was in the system, the GIS staff was able to cross reference the data with other GIS information, such as subdivisions, property boundaries (to determine size), and zoning (single or multi-family).  This allowed for the easy creation of multiple themed maps and statistical spreadsheets.  In addition to this analysis, GIS staff was able to create over a dozen maps which display the density of home sale dispersal across the village based off of a given category from the data.  The above image displays the density of sales from 2009 to 2013 that were between 1 and 2 acres of land.  This map, along with the dozens of other maps and statistical spreadsheets, are serving as an instrumental role for decision makers in the Village to be more information as they plan for the future.