Using GIS to assist with resident permit parking

 Blog_UsingGIStoassist1.png Many homes may come equipped with a driveway for parking vehicles,
there are many homes that do not. Additionally, there may be homes that
have too many cars to fit on one drive way requiring them to park on
the street. Regardless of the case, parking on public streets is
something that needs to be monitored in order to ensure traffic safety
or potential neighborly disputes. In local government, parking on
public streets is handled by the municipal ordinances, monitored by the
police and permit parking sticker distribution is controlled by local

Although these systems have been working for years, the Village of
Morton Grove, IL wanted to take things in a different direction by
making their ordinance information spatial. By way of their
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Department, the data from the
Village’s ordinance manual was mapped out so that anyone who is allowed
to receive a permit parking vehicle sticker would indeed get one.
Moreover, those residents that did not show up in the allowable permit
parking mapped areas, would not be eligible to receive a sticker.

All of the mapped out data is now available to the Village staff via a
local interactive mapping application. Instead of looking up
ordinances in the municipal code or reviewing paper files for each
property, the Village employee can now launch the interactive map,
search for a property and identify if that resident lives within a
permit parking zone. Not only is this application easy to use, it keeps
the data in one centralized location so that things are easier to find,
thus improving the time efficiency of each employee who uses it.