Using GIS to Create Fire Hydrant Maps


One of the key qualities of a fire department’s staff is situational
awareness. When out on an emergency call they must work fast, effective,
and smart to ensure the safety of everyone around them. Part of that
comes from having the right tools in place to do the job well. The
Village of Morton Grove’s Fire Department recently called upon its
Geographic Information System (GIS) Department to assist them in
creating an updated fire hydrant map book to be used in the emergency
vehicles during calls.

Knowing in advance where the closest fire hydrant is located near an
emergency event saves staff critical time. By providing detailed maps,
which include addresses, the decision maker can quickly find the exact
location of a hydrant near where an emergency response vehicle is headed
and proactively create a plan of action. Without having these detailed
fire hydrant maps the Fire Department staff would have to visually
search the area around the event as they approached its location to
locate the nearest hydrant. By utilizing these hydrant maps, the
department is able to remove the need to visually locate hydrants and
focus their attention on effectively responding to the emergency event.