Using GIS to Display City Parks and Amenities


The City of Lake Forest, IL is developing an intuitive application
that will allow residents to view city park locations and related
information. Currently, residents retrieve parks information from the
City’s Parks and Recreation webpage that lists information without a map
or photo component. With the assistance of staff from the Geographic
Information Systems (GIS) department, the Parks and Recreation
department will create a map application that will display the location
of all city parks. Each park will have a unique photo, as well as a
comprehensive list of available amenities and information for each park.

The first step is for GIS staff to acquire all of the parks
information from the Parks Department. The park locations will then be
mapped and the related information will be populated. The parks data
will be loaded into an online map environment, called Story Maps, which
is powered by ESRI’s ArcGIS Online application. The Story Maps interface
provides a user the ability to host an inactive map showing localized
data, in this case park locations and information. The end result of
this project will be a URL web link that is embedded on the city’s

Creating an interactive map showing the city’s parks will provide
residents with a streamlined source of information. Users will be able
to browse city parks, view available amenities (i.e. number of grills,
shelters and baseball fields), and view general park information.
Having this information in an intuitive format and in accessible
location may reduce the amount of resident calls to city staff to obtain
this information.