Using GIS to Identify MABAS and SRT Asset Locations


The City of Lake Forest’s Fire Department recently requested that GIS
construct a map to display Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) and
Special Rescue Team (SRT) assets in Lake and McHenry Counties. The MABAS
and SRT assets are spread throughout Lake and McHenry Counties. Fire
needed a method of knowing where assets were located while
simultaneously being able to identify the type of asset.

In GIS, a list of fire station locations was geocoded and displayed
over the Lake and McHenry Counties. Each fire station was then labeled
according to which assets were stored at that given location. The assets
were then color coded to identify the difference between MABAS and SRT

The results of this project allow users an effective method of
visualization that enables a more legible method of reviewing MABAS and
SRT asset location information. Fire can use this location data to
manage emergency response protocols. This project assists MABAS Division
4 personnel and Lake and McHenry Counties Specialized Rescue Team
personnel efficiently assess where assets are located and how to
spatially use these assets.