Using GIS to Manage Recycling Cart Distribution


At the beginning of the 2012 fiscal year, the City of Lake Forest had
been delivering new recycling carts to all of their households. To
accurately determine the number of recycling carts that were needed; a
list of all non-commercial addresses in the city was generated and
excluded from the recycling cart delivery list. The remaining
residential address list was used as a reference to the Sanitation and
Public Works departments to determine who was in need of a bin.

City resident addresses were then mapped to appropriately display the
status of their recycling cart, either received or not received. With
the cart delivery process still underway, the City of Lake Forest is now
offering the option of choosing between a 64-gallon recycling cart or a
35-gallon cart. By completing an online request form, residents had the
opportunity to request a smaller cart. The addresses of the residents
who requested the 35-gallon recycling cart were then extracted from the
master list and composed into a separate list. The recycling cart
information was then added into an interactive mapping interface
(MapOffice Advanced ™). MapOffice Advanced ™ allows city employees to
quickly search an address, view the address spatially, and know the
status of that resident’s recycling cart. Without integrating the
recycling cart information into MapOffice Advanced™ city employees would
have to refer back to an address table. If a resident calls Public
Works requesting the status of their recycling cart, the recycling cart
layers within MapOffice Advanced™ can be used as an efficient and
effective resource.